Past Events – 2007

January 2007 Events

Sunday, January 20, 2008, 7-9:15 p.m.

Surat Sikh Conference

The annual Surat Sikh Conference provided an opportunity for Sikh students and young professionals to learn how they can carry out community service. Like last year, Sakhi tabled at the conference’s Poster Session, in which community organizations presented their mission and work.


December 2007  Events

Thursday, December 13, 9-11 p.m.

Sunny Jain Collective premiere of “Taboo”

More than 100 attendees launched the season of giving with a riveting musical event while supporting the human rights work of Sakhi for South Asian Women and Breakthrough as renowned Indo-jazz musician Sunny Jain premiered a collection of new compositions with his band in “Taboo” on Thursday, December 13 at Joe’s Pub.

“I think that what Sunny Jain came up with was absolutely brilliant, because being able to address an issue like women’s rights in such a beautiful and expressive way is not easy at all,” attendee and Sakhi supporter Satyajit Saste explained. He continued, “This event amazed me because I felt like I was doing so many good things at once: enjoying wonderful music, supporting Sunny Jain, giving to organizations like Sakhi and Breakthrough, and knowing that the issues being addressed were of importance to all of us in the audience.”

“Taboo,” a set of musical compositions set to ghazals, highlighted issues not frequently broached in the community such as violence against women, duality and oneness of religion, homosexuality, and women’s rights.

“It is we sinful women/Who, when we emerge carrying aloft the flag of truth/Find highways strewn with lies,” vocalist Samita Sinha crooned in the Urdu of “Hum Gunahgaar Auraten” of Kishwar Naheed. Achyut Joshi followed with Ifti Nasim’s poem “A Sufi”, singing, “A child lives inside me./A boy lives inside me./A man lives inside me./A child lives inside me./A girl lives inside me./A woman lives inside me.//And I am dancing in circles/Bringing them all in one.”

“When I was listening to the ghazals, I realized that the music was truly meaningful and spoke to all of us in the audience in some way or the other,” attorney Shakti Rhys noted. “This concert was a wonderful collaboration of Sunny Jain’s talents, important topics affecting all of us, and two great organizations, Breakthrough and Sakhi, that are committed to ending violence.”

Jain decided to combine his belief in social justice and his passion for music to bring more awareness to the important issues faced in every community around the world. Through a grant from the Chamber Music America New Works 2006, Jain was able to compose jazz arrangements based on ghazals from writers with whom he collaborated.

“I was absolutely thrilled to be able to work with two of the most pivotal South Asian human rights organizations in the city,” Jain reflected. “With music being a healing force, my goal was to combine our efforts and create a space for more insight and potential for discussion. These issues such as violence against women and homosexuality are not just South Asian, but are pivotal to everyone on every level.”

In addition to the singers and Jain’s drumming, on stage, Marc Cary’s fingers flew on the piano as Steve Walsh’s saxophone sent chills down listeners’ spines while Gary Wang strummed the bass.

Purvi Shah, Executive Director of Sakhi, expressed the importance of works such as “Taboo” commenting, “Every day we at Sakhi work to enable options for survivors of violence. This work is exhausting and draining. Art which addresses these difficult issues – issues we can barely speak about in our communities – is life-giving and inspires us all to get involved to build a stronger society without abuse.”

Madhuri Mohindar, Program Coordinator at Breakthrough underscored the event’s singularity, saying, “We at Breakthrough were very excited to partner with Sunny Jain and Sakhi in such a unique event that showcased both the stigma and discrimination faced by women and their strength to fight for their human rights – the very values that Breakthrough stands for.”

For more information about and to support the work of Sakhi, Breakthrough, and Sunny Jain in 2008, please visit,, and

November 2007  Events

Friday, November 16

Activism & Academics Conference at CUNY Graduate Center

The Center for the Study of Women & Society is sponsoring this conference, which brought together activists and academics doing research on related topics. Sakhi presented about our Court Interpreters Project.

October 2007  Events

Saturday, October 20, 2:15-3:30 p.m.

Sakhi presented at the Global Leadership Summit: Eliminating Violence, Empowering Women about identifying elements of violence and constructing solutions. This convening took place at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and was organized by The Feminist Majority Foundation. The purpose of the summit was to encourage young women to advocate for change.

Sunday, October 7, 3-5 p.m., Redrawing Resistance art exhibit opening reception

Redrawing Resistance (Oct 6 – 21) a wonderful expression of a community united in ending violence, features art by the Sakhi for South Asian Women community (survivors of violence, staff, and volunteers). The opening reception for this unique exhibit is on Sunday, October 7, 2007 at the Queens Museum of Art (QMA) from 3-5 p.m (The exhibit itself will continue at the QMA until Oct. 21). Thank you for joining us for the opening reception, and getting to know our work, meeting our constituency, and uniting to end abuse!

Thursday, October 4, 9:00-4:30 p.m., Moderating Panel at Real Lives, Real Survivors 2007: From Policy to Practice

Sakhi moderated a panel on immigration remedies for the GLBT community at The Second Annual Conference on LGBTQ Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence.

Friday, October 5, 9:45-11:15 p.m., Film screening of Shame

Sakhi sponsored Mohammed Naqvi’s Shame as part of the 2007 South Asian International Film Festival. We were excited to partner again with Mr. Naqvi in raising awareness of the story of human rights activist Mukhtaran Mai. Sakhi previously celebrated Mukhtaran Mai’s courage in confronting violence and working to educate her community at our 2007 benefit gala.

Saturday, October 6, 11-12:10 p.m., Presentation at Sociology and the Real World conference

Sakhi presented on language access in the courts the panel “Courts & Crime” at the Sociology and the Real World: Activism, Advocacy, Research and Social Policy conference.

Saturday, October 6, 12:00- 5:00 p.m., Women Against Domestic Violence Educational Forum and Speakout Rally

Sakhi participated in this Yonkers-based event to raise awareness and promote a community united in ending violence.

September 2007 Events

Saturday, September 29, 2:00-2:45 p.m., Poster Roundtable at the 4th Annual Asian American Health Conference

Sakhi presented during a poster roundtable on our work to promote community health through the Communities Taking Charge campaign in Richmond Hill, Queens.

May 5, 2007: Sakhi celebrates its work to build strong communities at StreetSmARTs gala

As they ate, watched talented musicians and dancers, and mingled at Skylight SoHo, a modern loft-like space, over 500 supporters of Sakhi for South Asian Women’s mission to end violence against women ushered in a new kind of gala on Saturday, May 5th, at Sakhi’s 6th Annual benefit, StreetSmARTs.

The evening featured a special award for women’s rights activist Mukhtaran Mai whose courage to rise against abuse and educate her home community in Pakistan has been lauded world-wide. Sophia Aslam, Sakhi member and an inspiring example of survival herself, honored Mukhtar Bibi with the Sakhi StreetSmARTs award. “Because of your bravery, other women will have the courage to speak up for themselves,” Aslam noted.