Sakhi Volunteer Survey

Dear Past and Present Sakhi Volunteers:

As you may know, Sakhi is preparing to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in 2009!  It’s been a wonderful journey and we are grateful that all of you have helped to pave the road that’s led us here.  We were founded by Volunteers in 1989, and much of our impact remains the product of dedicated Volunteers. We would not be able to do our work or achieve such results without you.

To mark this milestone in Sakhi’s history, we have compiled a survey to help us measure what impact Sakhi has had on our Volunteers and Interns over the years, and especially what impact you all have had on Sakhi – in the lives of survivors, in our communities, and in shaping this vibrant organization itself. For the first time in Sakhi history, we would like to understand and capture this vital information to better understand community involvement in ending violence.

We are asking all past and present Sakhis (including Volunteers, Interns, and Board Members) to complete this survey. This is a monumental task for us, since we have had approximately 500 Sakhis volunteer with us over the past two decades! Here are a few notes before you take the survey.  First, the survey includes multiple choice and open-ended questions. We would love to have Volunteer voices as part of our media and development work – with your consent.  At the end of the survey, we ask that you indicate whether we have your permission to quote your answers, and if so, if we should do so anonymously. Second, the survey distinguishes between Sakhi Volunteers and Interns, so please answer the questions accordingly. Third, you will see that we ask for some personal details in the “demographic information” section of the survey – rest assured that we will NOT publicize this material about you as an individual. We are asking for it because we feel it’s important to be able to paint a composite picture of all the Volunteers who have helped Sakhi become the organization it is today, as well as to understand how Sakhi has developed. The only people who will see these surveys are Sakhi Staff, current Consultant (and former Volunteer) Amita Swadhin, and current Volunteer Coordination Intern Santushi Kuruppu, who will be compiling the data (stripped of any identifying details) in preparation for a June 2009 Volunteer Celebration (which we hope you will join us for!) and for a report to be released during our 20th Anniversary commemorations. Finally, we ask for your name and e-mail in the survey because we are building a database of Volunteers who have been part of Sakhi’s history.  At the end of the survey, you can check off a box to indicate whether you are interested in getting involved with Sakhi again (if you are not an active Volunteer), or whether you wish Sakhi not to contact you.

We estimate that this survey will take you twenty minutes to complete (please e-mail to obtain a copy). Thank you in advance for taking time to help us document your contributions and our history so that we can share it with future generations of Sakhis! And if you are in touch with any past or present Sakhi Volunteers, Interns, or Board members, please forward this survey on to them. We realize we have unfortunately lost touch with many Sakhis over the years, and we would love to get completed surveys back from as many as possible, even if they have not been directly involved in our work for a long time.


Purvi Shah

Executive Director