Policy: Court Interpreters Project

Pooja Faldu is pursuing a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Politics and Psychology from New York University and will graduate this year. She started her internship with Sakhi in January 2008 and will attend Cornell University Law School in the fall.

Below is an audio interview carried out by our Communications Coordinator, Mohammad Alam, with Pooja Faldu, a Sakhi policy intern who has been leading outreach and examining the data for our extensive nationwide survey of court interpreters in order to understand and document interpreters’ perspectives on the issues surrounding language access in the courts. Her work is in keeping with Sakhi’s focus on initiating research and policy reform from the ground up.

Since 1995, Sakhi has performed critical and innovative research and advocacy work on the issue of language access in the courts. Sakhi has co-led the Justice Speaks: Initiative on Ensuring Language Access in the Justice System with Catherine Shugrue dos Santos of Sanctuary for Families. This collaborative effort also comprises representatives from the Brennan Center for Justice, the New York City-Wide Task Force on Housing Court, the Vera Institute of Justice, and the Voices of Women Organizing Project , among others.

As part of an ongoing effort to ensure that immigrant survivors receive fair and just treatment in the courts, Sakhi has worked with the Office of Court Administration, the NYC Bar Association’s Task Force on Women, as well as interpreters themselves to highlight gaps in services and the need for system-wide reform.

Selected portions of the interview: