Sharing Our Expertise: Immigration and Domestic Violence

Sakhi’s Executive Director Purvi Shah spoke at a March 27 event titled “Self-Help Among Immigrant Women,” sponsored by the Women’s City Club of New York as part of its Women’s History Month programming. Guillermo Linares, a former City Council member and present commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, opened the session.

Purvi was joined by three other panelists: Ninaj Raoul, Director of Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees; Saru Jayaraman, Executive Director of Restaurant Opportunities Center of NY; and Karina Aybar, Coordinator with the Dominican Women’s Development Center. Each one gave a ten-minute presentation and then engaged in a healthy and thoughtful question-and-answer session with an audience of more than 40 people.

Purvi outlined Sakhi’s program areas and methodology, focusing on our work concerning immigrants’ language barriers in the court system and our work to lift the burden of those barriers.

Check out some of the audio excerpts below:

Women’s City Club member Marilyn Wallemeyer said she thoroughly appreciated the session. “I thought everyone was articulate; it was excellent,” she said, adding that she hopes the efforts and activism represented by the panelists will be “expanded on a national level.”

Fellow Club member Margie Shea concurred. “I thought [the panel] was terrific. I think the people of NYC are onboard…The question is, ‘What about the rest of the country?'”

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