Mid-Year Statistics

Sakhi has compiled its mid-year statistics on the total number of new requests for support we have received including breakdown by geography and country of origin.

For the first time in our history, Sakhi has begun to track the number of callers who prefer or call on behalf of someone who prefers to speak in a language other than English (or are Limited English Proficient).  From the period of January 1 through June 30, 2008, 28.4% of calls and e-mails received fell into this category, underscoring the need for Sakhi’s multilingual and culturally-competent service delivery.

The data on the background of those seeking our assistance highlight the diversity and scope of Sakhi’s reach, which extends across communities and nationalities.

The geography and national origin of those calling Sakhi for support largely mirrors data from the previous calendar year. Of the 345 new requests we responded to, 315 were DV-related. The breakdown of data is similar to last year’s: 94 requests (27.2%) came from Queens, which continues to be the borough demonstrating the most demand. Brooklyn produced 33 requests, Bronx 22, Manhattan 13, and Staten Island 5. We also fielded 45 other requests from the NYC boroughs, 40 from other states (aside from New Jersey), 29 from New Jersey, 23 from Long Island, 13 from New York State, 17 from South Asian countries, and 3 from other countries.

With respect to national origin, 126 people (36.4%) were Indian, 37 (10.7%) were Pakistaniand 73 people (21.2%) were Bangladeshi. One noticable trend here is the continued rise of demand in the growing Bangla community: in 2003, only 15.1% of those seeking support were of Bangladeshi background (compare statistics on this page). Others who contacted us—38 people—had South Asian heritage but did not specify a country. We also received 21 requests from the Indo-Caribbean community and a further 21 from those of non-South Asian origin. Further, Sakhi took requests from 4 of Nepali origin, 3 of Afghan origin, and 3 of Sri Lankan origin.