A New Way of Giving

With the tough state of the economy and a sober forecast for the upcoming year, Sakhi has been researching and developing new ways our supporters can donate without feeling strapped. That is why this month we are launching our celebration gifts program as an integral part of our 20th Anniversary campaign.

This program allows individuals or wedding couples to ask friends and family members to donate to Sakhi while celebrating their occasion, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a commencement ceremony, commitment ceremony, a graduation, or other significant event. Since most people already plan on giving a gift to join you in honoring your special day, you just need to ask them to distribute the giving in a different way—it’s that easy.

Recently, we had a supporter include the celebration program into her birthday party with encouragement from Sakhi volunteer Jagy Patel.  It didn’t take much work on the host’s part. She sent out an invitation to friends that included information on Sakhi, and asked everyone to give a small donation as an alternative to buying her a birthday drink.

Speaking about the experience, the supporter said, “My friends were fairly responsive. For those who wanted to contribute, they did. Additionally, because of the organization and Jagy’s involvement with it (she does great PR), the donations were not made in lieu of a gift, but from the perspective of wanting to help and giving back in some way.”

At the end of the night, she had raised $160 for Sakhi to support our work to end violence!

Another one of our supporters and volunteers is already planning for her birthday, deciding to do a $10 cover charge which will be donated to Sakhi in lieu of a gift.

A donation of even $100 or $200 makes an immediate difference in our work. Our numbers speak for themselves: last year, we had a record-breaking 731 new calls for support—more than triple the number in 2001. In the final quarter of 2008, we had 5.2% more new requests for assistance than the final quarter of 2007.

Sakhi is an organization committed to responding to community needs and we understand that domestic violence is key among these. We don’t have the option of scaling back our services.

The increasing number of survivors seeking support impels us to adjust our fundraising structure to coincide with today’s concerns.  Join us in ending violence by taking advantage of this simple and joy-filled idea as part of your own celebrations. For more information, contact Sarah Crist.