Sakhi Executive Director Addresses Importance of Self-Sufficiency for Survivors

Sakhi Executive Director Purvi Shah spoke about our Economic Empowerment program at a March 11th symposium titled “Empowerment at Work: Women Breaking Down Barriers in Our Global World,” sponsored by St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

Purvi explained Sakhi’s methodology, hurdles faced by community members in getting support, and exciting recent outcomes. She also answered several questions from the audience of about 50 people about Sakhi’s approach to domestic violence.

A St. Francis student, Shantu, said presentations about domestic violence were greatly needed, especially for young people. “It’s definitely an issue. We need to know how to empower young women and we need more awareness. But we’ve come a long way,” she observed.

Other speakers included Sarita Gupta, Vice President for Global Resources and Communications from Women’s World Banking, which specializes in micro-financing for small businesses owned by women, and Selena Cuffe, President and CEO of Heritage Link Bands, which supports South African female winemakers.

Jaskiran Mathur, a professor of Criminal Justice and Social Studies at St. Francis College and a longtime Sakhi supporter, said she appreciated Purvi’s message. “I think it is important to know the kind of work being done by non-profits. Outreach is important,” she commented.

Below are several clips taken from Purvi’s portion of the three-hour session: