Sakhi Launches 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Sakhi kicked off its 20th Anniversary Campaign in May by hosting and participating in a number of events aimed at increasing our resources and sustaining our efforts to empower survivors of domestic violence and end violence in our communities.

One such event was held on May 9th, when Sakhi was featured as the charity of the evening for the Sony South Asian Excellence Awards, held in Manhattan. After comments by Sakhi Executive Director Purvi Shah, who won the Social Service Achiever of the Year Award in 2008, famous comedian Aasif Mandvi and noted actor Manu Narayan encouraged the approximately 400 attendees to donate to Sakhi. A two-minute excerpt of one of Sakhi’s films,What Creates Change?, was shown as well.

Another event was hosted on May 14th in honor of Mother’s Day at the Leela Lounge in Manhattan by Sakhi volunteers, who put in hours of hard work, planning, and preparation—among them were Farheen Azhar, Alissa Crouse, Dolly Pandya, Jagy Patel, Narween Sattar, and Kalpa Shah.

The evening was an astounding success: in total, 55 attendees came out for the occasion and donated $1,045 for the night. A $10 suggested donation was requested but many attendees contributed more, as they gathered to connect with old friends, meet new people, discuss ending violence, and sample appetizers generously provided by Leela Lounge.

“I’m truly speechless when I look back and think of how successful the Mother’s Day tribute was,” said key organizer Jagy Patel. “It was one simple idea and one simple goal. The idea was to ask friends to come out and support an organization that is extremely dear to all of our hearts, and the goal was to raise money for Sakhi. It was amazing to see results of one small idea and know the impact it will have on the community,” she added.

Another event was hosted by Sakhi’s young professionals fundraising committee, Gen2, on May 19th at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Manhattan. Through their dedicated work, Gen2 members got food, wine, and desserts for attendees.

The evening brought out 38 people and raised $686, and was also attended by Rana Quraishi, a Sakhi board member, who presented on how Sakhi transforms lives.

Gen2 co-chair Pooja Trehan said the main purpose of the event was to raise money for Sakhi as well as to generate more interest and publicity surrounding Gen2. She observed that the gallery was an ideal space because “it provided a relaxed and casual environment where guests could enjoy artwork and socialize, while also learning about Sakhi’s cause and why it is so important to spread the word about domestic violence in the young professional community.”