Sakhi Wins Citation of Honor from Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office awarded Sakhi a citation of honor on May 19th for its ongoing work to combat domestic violence.

Kings Country District Attorney Charles J. Hynes presented Sakhi Executive Director Purvi Shah and Communications Coordinator Mohammad Levesque-Alam with the award at an event held in recognition of Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

“We are here to honor the organizations that serve the Asian population, which has seen an enormous increase in Brooklyn” over the years, said DA Hynes, who is himself a survivor of a household of domestic violence. He went on to hail the honorees as “part of the leadership of the Asian community.”

The body of the citation read:

“On the occasion of Asian Pacific Heritage Month and in honor of two decades of outstanding service, I commend Sakhi for its strong commitment to ensuring that South Asians have a voice in the criminal justice system, tireless advocacy on behalf of the women in Brooklyn, and immeasurable contributions to the crucial campaign against domestic violence.”

Prefacing Sakhi’s reception of the award, Anita Channapati, an attorney in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, praised the organization for its commitment and dedication, saying, “Sakhi has been a strong and vocal advocate for women in the South Asian community.”

Upon receiving the award, Purvi spoke about the impact of domestic violence and the need to restore a sense of dignity for survivors of such abuse. In such cases, she said, “the concept of justice just seems like a word, but our work, and that of other organizations here tonight, is to strive to restore a sense of dreams, hope, and justice.”

Purvi also pointed to Sakhi’s ongoing policy advocacy work on court interpretation, and noted the present paradox of shrinking resources paired with an increased need for services in the community. She also emphasized the work done in collaboration with the DA’s office, remarking, “We at Sakhi hope to continue to partner with you so that we can make dreams and justice possible.”

Several other groups and individuals, including the Association of Chinese American Physicians, Council of People’s Organization, NYPD’s Asian Jade Society, and the Honorable Alexander Jeong, also received honors at the event, which was held at the DA’s office space.



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