Join Sakhi’s New Anniversary Campaign

As a part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, Sakhi has been introducing innovative ways for the community to enable Sakhi to sustain its work during these tough economic times. In the first half of 2009, Sakhi responded to 403 new requests for assistance. At this pace we will respond to more than 800 new requests this year – shattering our record of 731 in 2008! Earlier this year Sakhi unveiled Celebration Gifts (Go To ‘A New Way of Giving’) and our partnerships with the online merchants and (Go To ‘Contribute in New Ways’)

Today we’re introducing another fundraising tool that Margaret Abraham, long-time Sakhi supporter and a 2009 Benefit Co-Chair, and Romita Shetty, a Sakhi founder and a 2009 Benefit Co-Chair, felt was important to have as it encourages all community members to get involved.  Sharing the importance of our amazing supporters, Margaret notes, “For the past twenty years, Sakhi has been making a significant difference in ending violence against women and building stronger communities. Along the way, Sakhi has been supported by many dedicated volunteers and generous friends like you who share this vision. On this twentieth anniversary there is much to celebrate but also much more to do. We hope you will help us expand our circle of friends: donate now and encourage your friends to give. Your contribution will make a difference – our communities are strong as a result of your support.”

In order to enable everyone to participate in Sakhi’s 20th anniversary campaign, we are unveiling an online campaign tool. Firstgiving allows individuals to create an online fundraising page to support nonprofits: it’s a simple and easy process that will involve your community in a cause close to your heart. With the Firstgiving website you can pledge to raise an amount for Sakhi and share it with your friends and family to help you reach a fundraising goal. It’s a free account and accessible through the donor’s page!

Sakhi has been engaging our community in ending violence for 20 years – including through a remarkable volunteer program (in 2008, Sakhi volunteers donated a year and 7 months of time to advance Sakhi’s mission!). The online campaign fundraising is a great way for community supporters and past and current volunteers to re-connect and get involved in the 20th anniversary celebrations and further Sakhi’s work. Below are the simple steps for creating your page for Sakhi:

  • Click on this direct link to Sakhi’s Page
  • Click in the section where it says “Want to raise money for this nonprofit”.
  • Select the type and theme of the fundraising page you would like to create. There are four different types of fundraising pages. You can choose an individual theme such as personal celebration, in memory of someone, or use your imagination.
  • Upon selecting what page you would like, a few questions will be asked according to the page theme you selected. For the time period, please select the 6-month option for how long would you like your fundraising page to accept donations so it can be included in Sakhi’s 20th Anniversary celebrations!
  • Then you need to create an account by providing an e-mail address, a password for the site, and your contact information (address).
  • A generic web address will be created for you – you can change this to any address.
  • Now you’re ready to personalize your page! You can upload a photo, write a personal message, set your fundraising target goal, and share your page with friends and family. Don’t forget to create a thank you letter for those who donate and assist in your fundraising goals! A template is already prepared for you.

Executive Director Purvi Shah comments on the importance of this community vehicle to sustain Sakhi’s impact, observing, “As Sakhi enters its 20th year of serving the community, we are relying on all who have been a part of Sakhi to keep Sakhi strong. Sakhi has been a leader in ending violence by supporting survivors and giving voice to our communities: we hope each of you will show your leadership by making a commitment to investing in Sakhi and by mobilizing community support. Together we create change. In fact, for 20 years we have.”

For more information about this program or other ways to get involved in Sakhi’s 20th anniversary campaign, contact or 212-714-9153

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