Internship Ends but Memories Will Stay

My last day at Sakhi for South Asian Women in December 2009 was an emotional one for me. I was upset because I had become quite attached to the interns, volunteers and staff I worked with on a daily basis. I was happy too, not to leave, but because I could look back at the work I had done and feel like I had made a contribution. That, I think, is something that very few people get out of an internship – knowing that what you did really made a difference.

Sakhi for South Asian Women was first brought to my attention during the India Day Parade in 2007. I saw a group of women marching down Madison Avenue holding the distinctive green and yellow Sakhi banner and one of the volunteers handed me a leaflet. I took it, but didn’t read it until I got home. My first reaction was that I wanted to be a part of this. Unfortunately, due to work and school obligations I wasn’t able to intern with Sakhi until September 2009.

I became a part of this wonderful organization right as the gala preparations were in full swing. Everyone around me had their hands full; interns and volunteers had tasks to do, errands to run, and in the midst of all of it was me, the new media intern. It wasn’t long before I, too, had my hands full, putting together media materials for the 20th Anniversary Gala. The hard work didn’t end there –a few days later, I was sorting out the pictures that were taken at the event, putting together the DVD and updating material for the website.

On the last day of my internship, I was asked what my favorite “Sakhi moment” was. I wanted to go with the cliché of “all of it”, but instead went with a day that captured, for me, the spirit of Sakhi and the Sakhis who work and volunteer here. The day of the gala was one that I’ll never forget. Being a part of it though, I could feel the enthusiasm from everyone working to make that night a success. For two and a half months, I was surrounded by a group of passionate, energetic Sakhis… and I think the bar for the next internship I have has been set pretty high!