Welcoming a Sakhi

Sakhi extends a warm welcome to our Domestic Violence Program Advocate, R.S.*

Sakhi’s DV Advocates play a vital role in our efforts to end violence against women. From providing one-on-one and phone counseling to survivors of domestic violence, to helping access and secure public and financial assistance to locating safe shelters, providing legal assistance on matters of custody and divorce and advocating for the rights of women at policy level the responsibilities of a DV Advocate are vast and various.

With her energy, calm, and humor, R.S. hit the ground running as counselor, mediator and advocate and has continues to work tirelessly to provide solace, security and services to women in need.

Prior to joining Sakhi, R.S. completed her Masters in Education and Economics from Columbia University and spent some years working in the corporate financial sector. While she is modest about articulating her strengths, R.S. adeptly draws connections between her previous work experiences, education and her work at Sakhi.

“I am fascinated by the way economics, education and social systems work together to shape the world as we know it and how those systems working together can benefit the daily lives of individuals.  At Sakhi, I come across women every day who have not had access to education and have few resources to work with.  As I help women find the resources they do have around them, and show them how to make use of it, I further strengthen my belief in the fundamental value of education and think about ways to provide effective education to adult women in need.”

With the emotional challenges of hearing sad, scary and violent stories day in and day out, and the frustrations of maneuvering the city’s bureaucratic system to gain access to resources, work as a DV Advocate can be quite difficult and painful.  Through it all R.S. finds ways to stay inspired.

“I am always amazed by the courage and resilience of the women I work with. Despite the suffocating and abusive situations they live through and often with no support from their families or communities, these women have an incredible ability to find resources, hold on and keep fighting.  As I work with them, I realize how fortunate I have been to have had a supportive and loving family. They are truly survivors!”

At Sakhi, we are grateful to R.S. not only for her hard and thoughtful work, also for the humor and delight with she keeps herself and the rest of the Sakhi’s staff laughing and inspired.

*Sakhi’s direct services staff names are kept confidential to maintain safety and protect privacy.