Preventing Violence, Promoting Justice: Sakhi Conference 2011

Tiloma Jayasinghe, Sakhi’s Executive Director discusses plans for Sakhi’s first ever conference coming up in October.

2011 is going to be a great year for Sakhi.  We have planned numerous workshops, support groups and new initiatives poised to be unveiled in the coming year.  Among them is a conference Sakhi will hold.  This conference will reflect the movement and growth of Sakhi’s work to end violence against women.

We intend to hold this conference, currently entitled “Preventing Violence, Promoting Justice”, in October 2011.  The goals of the conference are:

  • To build a stronger movement to end violence against women in the US by forging connections between related movements for social justice and to inform those movements of the implications of their work on survivors of violence and the need to include those voices in their policy and service work
  • To provide space and support for traditionally underrepresented communities and community-based organizations that are women-led to share information, network and leverage their relative expertise into a stronger movement for social progress
  • To increase the amount of work being done to prevent violence against women through promoting the human rights of women to healthcare, education, economic opportunity, and political and social participation.
  • To promote the role of women as leaders and decision-makers in their communities in order to achieve lasting social change
  • To promote resilient, community-grown models of addressing violence against women across a dynamic spectrum of communities
  • To draw attention to the experiences, violations and structural barriers faced by women on the margins, to make visible the continuum of violence and to promote accountability in responding to intersectional discrimination

We are excited to create a space for partners and allied organizations across social movements to come together to explore the intersectionalities between the DV movement and related movements for social justice and how we can work together to promote the human rights of women. We will be seeking organizational and individual co-sponsorship and support and will be updating you on our progress and development as this year progresses.  Please keep an eye on this space for further updates!