Welcoming a New Sakhi

Sethu Nair joins Sakhi as Community Outreach and Media Advocate

Sethu Nair came to Sakhi in November 2010 to take on the demanding responsibility of communicating SAKHI’s mission and goals to the public – advocates, media, community leaders and volunteer and staff.  Having been an intern and volunteer in the past, Sethu slid into the Outreach and Media role with ease.  Prior to Sakhi, Sethu has worked in various other social justice organizations including Coalition for the Homeless based in New York City as well as Apne Aap Women Worldwide and Seva Mandir, two NGO’s based in India.  She holds a Masters in Economic and Political Development from Columbia University’s prestigious School of International and Public Affairs and completed her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and Political Science at SUNY Purchase.

The role that media and community outreach plays in an organization such as SAKHI represents is critical as it manages Sakhi’s perception, messaging and reach. It is through this role that word of Sakhi’s existence as a service provider reaches the women it serves.  This role also manages community partnerships and engagement with press and media.

One of Sakhi’s primary goals this year is to increase awareness among South Asian communities in New York who have not been reached.  This includes the large Sri Lankan population in Staten Island as well as young South Asian Americans experiencing intimate partner violence.  In this regard, Sethu has already begun her work to reach communities in Staten Island, has re-invigorated Sakhi’s incredible volunteer force and activated Sakhi’s social media presence. Sethu sees social media as an influential avenue through which to partner with the public, media and community.  “Sakhi is a community based organization. Therefore it is important for us to be truly present within the communities we serve. While many of the people who need Sakhi’s services can only be reached through traditional outreach methods such as tabling and physical presence in communities, a large part of our communities- particularly the younger generation of South Asian Americans – who have traditionally fallen outside of Sakhi’s reach can be reached through the social media.”

In her short time here at Sakhi, Sethu has come to be known for her energy, warmth, and compassion with which she not only engages the Sakhi community, also Sakhi’s staff members.

Sethu’s passion for her work is matched only by Sakhi’s mission and for that we, here at Sakhi, are grateful and look forward to what is sure to be a very bright future.