Project Speak Out

Sakhi collaborates with three anti-DV Asian American organizations on a grass-roots person-to-person approach to community education and outreach

The first Pan-Asian project on Domestic Violence in New York, Project Speak Out is committed to breaking the secrecy and silence that enables and perpetuates violence in Asian American communities in New York City.

“Because domestic violence is viewed as a private family matter, the community is often silent in response to abuse,” says Tiloma Jayasinghe, Executive Director of Sakhi for South Asian Women. “This perception ends up condoning violence and discouraging women from speaking out or seeking escape. When they do try to seek help, they are often punished with blame, stigma and shame.”

Sakhi joins forces with three other Asian American anti-domestic violence community organizations; The New York Asian Women’s Center, the Korean American Family Services center and Garden of Hope- in a concerted effort to change individual and community attitudes and behaviors toward intimate partner violence/domestic violence.

By pooling knowledge and experience, Sakhi and the partner agencies of Project Speak Out will challenge cultural prohibitions by increasing awareness of domestic violence, confronting the social conditions and community structures that contribute to violence while building networks of community leaders who can continue this transformative work to end violence against women.

This important work will be done through volunteer recruitment, training of volunteers who will go into Asian neighborhoods and meet with the leadership and members of religious organizations; service clubs; community leaders; Asian ethnic affinity groups; Parent-Teacher Associations; and, legal, health, and human service organizations and more.

“Through this initiative we will be able to prevent and reduce domestic violence and give hope to abused women and children, says Larry Lee, Executive Director of the New York Asian Women’s Center. .