Women’s History Month Celebration

After surviving an abusive 20 year relationship Sukree Boodram found her way out.  Early this year, Ms. Boodram released her “Breakout” in which she writes about her struggles and her commitment to developing her inner strength. With deep honesty and a fierce dedication to break the silence around violence, Ms. Boodram joined Sakhi on March 15th and shared her story, her struggle and her committment to develop her inner strength during a book reading at the Asian American Writers Workshop.

Steadfast in her committment to helping women break out of the violence int heir lives, Ms. Boodram has become a force in the South Asian community in New York City’s South Asian community as well as other parts of the country.

“Women who go through violence do not feel they can share their story. By sharing mine, if I am able to atleast help one woman speak out and break out, then I will consider myself successful,” says Ms. Boodram.

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, Sakhi honors Ms. Boodram and the countless courageous women who struggle and suvive violence in their lives everyday.


Ms. Sukree Boodram (far left) with friends

An audience member relates to Ms. Boodram’s story

Some information about Ms. Sukree Boodram and her efforts:  Sukree’s Website