Celebrating and Honoring

Celebrating and Honoring A Woman’s Worth- This Mother’s Day

Too many times in our communities a woman’s worth is measured by her ability to fit in to social norms of womanhood. A woman’s true worth is not and should not be determined by her ability to give birth. Women play various roles everyday as sister, friend, head of household, mother, colleague, aunt, organizer and so much more- and often times these contributions are rarely recognized, acknowledged or valued.

This Mother’s Day, Sakhi takes a step to honor and recognize a woman for her true worth celebrate her for who she is.

Sakhi staff and volunteers will go out into the Bronx, Staten Island, Jackson Heights, Flushing and Richmond Hill and celebrate individual women by giving her a beautiful card, a flower and a piece of sweet. The Celebratory card will also have resources on identifying abuse, numbers to call if they need help and other resources.

It is a small gesture that can have a huge impact! We will honor and celebrate women and at the same time and let them know that we are here if they need us!

The more people we have the more women we reach! So, join us on Saturday, May 7, 2011 10am-3pm to CELEBRATE & HONOR the remarkable women in our families and communities.

Want to join us? RSVP to our Facebook Event Page or send an email to sethu.nair@sakhi.org

Hand in Hand – Achieving Success- A Fundraiser Event

The year 2011 marks the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. In remembrance of that tragic day, and in memory of Swarna- a dedicated volunteer we lost that day.

Dedicated to our work to end violence against women, Swarna was an ardent supporter and advocate of Sakhi’s Economic Empowerment Program. This Fund provides survivors of violence small grants to finish their education, obtain certificates and gain skill training to help them secure jobs and lead a life of self-sufficiency.

Sakhi will host a Fundraiser event on June 7, 2011 at the Aicon Gallery to replenish this critical fund.  You are invited!