Economic Violence – Policy Work

Sakhi is engaged in an exciting new policy project to help empower survivors of economic violence achieve self-sufficiency, enable family stability and access to educational and professional opportunities.  Sakhi recognized early on the close links between domestic violence and economic control and realized the need for services aimed at improving survivors’ economic opportunities and security.

For survivors of domestic violence, financial barriers are another obstacle to overcome when dealing with abuse.  As the economy falters, it becomes clear how vital economic stability is to our future.

Survivors of domestic violence face numerous hurdles when confronting abuse. Women in physically and emotionally violent relationships often also face financial abuse by their spouse or partners which can take many different forms.

While the physical manifestation of domestic violence is often the most obvious one and there is widespread recognition of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as forms of domestic violence, there remains a lack of awareness around the dynamics of economic abuse and financial control tactics used by abusers. To make matters worse, while the impact of financial abuse can be devastating, it is often difficult to identify, document, and rectify.

Sakhi is committed to fighting for women to be free from economic violence and we are putting pressure on local law makers and decision makers to help alleviate and remedy this important issue that affects our community.