Summit Follow Up Event

Building on our momentum from our successful Summit Preventing Violence, Promoting Justice (PVPJ) in October 2011, Sakhi hosted the first in a series of follow up gatherings.

On March 23, 2012 in collaboration with the Barnard Center for Research on Women, we brought together New York City based anti-violence organizations to discuss local policy goals and develop a shared vision for an inclusive domestic violence movement.

The October 2011 PVPJ Summit brought together anti-violence advocates and leaders to address racial justice, body integrity, economic justice, immigration issues and learning from and using the international human rights framework to inform our work and more.  Our goals for the summit were to:

(1) Create spaces for conversation to occur across communities, movements, where we can share our struggles and successes, learn from each other, and bridge isolation to strengthen networks of support, creativity, and innovation.

(2) Capture as much community narrative that can help inform our vision for strengthening the anti-violence movement for social change.

(3) Begin to identify strategies on working together as we build momentum towards shaping an anti-violence movement that is inclusive, intersectional, and holistic.

By continuing to foster spaces for conversations across communities, we work to bridge isolation, strengthen networks of support and build an inclusive, intersectional and holistic anti-violence movement.