Continuing our work around son preference & sex-selection

Building upon our work over the summer to advocate against PRENDA, Sakhi for South Asian Women hosted sister South Asian Women’s Organizations (SAWOs) in New York City on November 16th at Barnard Center for Research for Women.  We discussed strategies to promote gender equity in order to reduce son preference in our community.  Each SAWO committed to hosting a community conversation to start tackling questions such as “What do we value in our girls and in our boys?  How do you feel that your gender impacts your role in your family and community?  Of the traditional reasons for wanting sons, which ones still hold in the U.S.?”

We will reconvene in the spring to continue this discussion.  As an individual, you can sign on to National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum’s Statement of Commitment to Ending Selection.  Stay tuned to see how you can become involved in this important community work!

Participants included representatives from the following organizations: API Chaya, Maitri, Narika, Raksha, Sakhi for South Asian Women, South Asian Network, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, and CoreAlign/University of California, San Francisco.