Between the Door and the Street Event

On October 18, 2013, Sakhi joined over 350 feminists and activists at “Between the Door and the Street” a public arts performance, lead by artist Suzanne Lacy, Creative Times and Brooklyn to bring feminism and activist work we all do everyday to the “stoop” where ideas are shared, connections are made, and conversations are had.

Sakhi’s stoop included five women who have moved us with their work and commitment to championing human rights and gender based violence.

1379210_616123895093346_2025922785_nSamhita Mukhopadhyay – Digital Strategist and Founder of Feministing.com 
Shabana Sharif – Organizer at Jahajee Sisters: Empowering Indo-Caribbean Women 
Shahana Hanif – Student Activist and Sakhi Volunteer
Soniya Munshi – Researcher on gender based violence and social justice activist
Mandy Van Deven – Writer, Global Advocate, Digital Media Strategist

Our stoop conversations focused on economic abuse and justice, the ways we define, value and undervalue labor. Each participant shared the way these issues showed up in their personal lives and activism work.

We thank the organizers of this amazing event for facilitating much-needed public attention to the progressive and thoughtful activism and work that goes on.