Mental Health Counseling Group at Sakhi

Mental  Health Counseling Group at Sakhi

Providing comprehensive responses to women’s mental health needs.

In mid-September, we launched our first ever weekly psycho-education support groups for women who are currently living in abusive relationships.

Dr. Riddhi Sandil and Dr. Debaki Chakrabarti

Facilitated by two South Asian women psychologists affiliated with Columbia University, the primary focus of this group is to provide a safe environment where survivors can share their stories, gather support and encouragement, learn strategies to deal with the aftermath of abusive relationships and learn empowerment strategies.

The facilitators also work with women on understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, reducing anxiety, and understanding abuse within a socio-cultural perspective and contextualizing abuse as a system of power, domination and control.

“What I really like about these sessions, is how the facilitators spend time identifying each woman’s specific mental health needs, and then weave that into group work. Together we will also conduct periodic assessments of needs and progress,” says Maneesha Mukhi, Domestic Violence Program Advocate.

We take this moment to thank Dr. Debaki Chakrabarti and Dr. Riddhi Sandil, who volunteer their time and professional expertise to support the health and well being of survivors of domestic violence.