Sakhi represents South Asian needs to new NYC Administration

As a new set of public officials take office and prepare to serve New Yorkers, we at Sakhi are helping the administration prioritize the real needs of women and the immigrant community.

Update: To see more photos, videos, and read more, check out this link.

Sakhi took park in Talking Transitions, a participatory democracy project led by the Open Society Foundation. The project aims to help New Yorkers have their voice, their questions, their ideas  about their neighborhoods heard.
On November 12th, Sakhi’s Executive Director, Tiloma Jayasinghe spoke about the needs of immigrant survivors of domestic violence at a Talking Transitions panel organized by the New York Women’s Foundation.

Among the requests we made of the new administration are: to bring back Section 8 housing that very often serves as a life-line to domestic violence victims; to ensure the inclusion of a gender perspective for any immigrant-related issue; and to update protections for victims of domestic violence who are also victim to economic abuse.

On November 22, we joined the “Asian Pacific American New Yorkers Count” session at Talking Transitions to share priorities of our community and give recommendations to Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio.

You can take part in the conversation too. Visit the Talking Transition website, and take the survey designed to get your thoughts on the state of your neighborhood, and what improvements you want seen.  You can also drop in at the tents set up on Canal Street and 6th Avenue, and share your ideas and concerns in the live conversations.