An Arts Therapy Afternoon for Girls

Sakhi’s first youth workshop
On Saturday, December 14th, we held our first Youth Program workshop.  A handful of daughters of survivors between the ages of 11 and 13 braved the snowy weather to come to our office.

The activities, led by art therapist, Julia Kirchoff, of the Children’s Aid Society, were designed to engage the girls to express things that matter to them.

Activities included making a CD or book cover of their first autobiography. The CD covers were varied and displayed each artist’s feelings and aspirations. In the photo above, one girl shows her CD cover, which included songs about depression.

Without any prompting the girls struck up many conversations. The experience of being bullied was one of the major topics of conversation.

“Once they started talking, the conversations went from sharing stories about their experience of being bullied to giving each other advice on how to deal with problems in school,” said Julia.

“We are happy that the girls enjoyed the activities we had arranged for them. We look forward to seeing how they help evolve and shape the next few workshops,” said Maneesha Mukhi, Sakhi’s Youth Advocate.