Community Bol Newsmagazine

Community Bol

What is Bol?

Community Bol is Sakhi’s annual newsmagazine. Published in English with sections in Bangla, Hindi, and Urdu, the newsmagazine is Sakhi’s call to the community to read and learn more, speak out – and write in.

No, really, what is Bol?

Bol means “speak” in several South Asian languages. Community Bol translated into English means “Community Speak.”

What’s IN Bol?

The premiere issue of Bol, from July 2005, focused on the question, “What does the word survivor mean?” in the domestic violence context. We are thrilled to have the voices of community members (just like you!) who shared their thoughts. Some perspectives include women who identify themselves as survivors of violence, academics, lawyers, domestic violence service providers, and women and men who are a part of the anti-domestic violence movement.

The 2006 Bol focused on immigration.  Survivors addressed how their immigrant status affects their experience with domestic violence and advocates addressed how immigration laws affect their ability to help survivors.  What kinds of choices does an immigrant survivor of abuse have when the threat of deportation competes with the prospect of continued abuse?

Sakhi’s 2010 Bol addressed promoting the role of women as decision-makers. Sakhi staff, interns and volunteers contributed their ideas, creativity, enthusiasm and voices to highlight the importance of including women in decision-making roles, so that they become agents of change in their own lives and communities.

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