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We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Hypokrit Theatre Company on their two incredible shows, “Devdas” and “Chokher Bali” on Saturday, November 12th! These shows are feminist re-imaginings of South Asian classics, and feature incredible line ups of NYC-based artists, dancers, and performers.

Use code SAKHIFUND to grab a discounted rate on both shows. Either show you attend that evening helps benefit Sakhi for South Asian Women. These shows are selling out fast, so grab your tickets before they’re gone!

More information on the Hypokrit Website: http://www.hypokritnyc.org/



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Thank you so much to the incredible crowd of over 150 who came out last night to honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month with us at Our Bodies, Our Stories at the Bell House in Brooklyn. We are still riding high from a beautiful and energizing night of feminist poetry, comedy, story sharing, and music. At a time when the gender justice movement is more important than ever, it was such an inspiration to share that space with all of you and engage in a critical conversation about everything from gender-based violence to sexuality to finding empowerment through art and creativity.

Special thanks to our amazing line up performers who kept us on the edge of our seats all night: Jes Tom, Diana Oh, Mariah MacCarthy, Nicole Shanté,Corinne Kai, Riti Sachdeva, and Janani Balasubramanian (Darkmatter). Support them, follow them, keep up with their work — they are out there fighting the good fight with their creative voices, standing up for social justice, and creating inspirational art!

Huge thanks goes out to our unbelievable host and headliner, Madame Gandhi whose deep passion and commitment to the feminist movement are prominent in everything she touches. We are so grateful for the wonderful energy you brought to the show! Madame Gandhi’s EP, Voices, drops October 28th — make sure you keep up with this feminist star, whose work and voice is only going to shine brighter!

Thank you to our sponsors, Interpublic Group (IPG) and Sustain, who helped make this night the incredible success that it was. Thank you to all of you for coming out and supporting the work that Sakhi does to support immigrant survivors, and helping us raise over $4,500 in just one night! Look out for our next event, and please get in touch if you’d like to get involved!img_0539img_0522img_0513img_0499img_0547img_0552img_0570img_0593img_0604img_0660



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Dear Allies,

I have a confession to make – I’ve not been watching the news lately. I consider myself a political junkie who enjoys keeping up with current events. Lately, though, it has been too much – everything from a local imam and his assistant being killed near their mosque; to two mothers being accosted by racial epithets while taking their children out for a walk; to an older woman being stabbed at random. What do these events all have in common? All three took place here in New York City, and all three targeted our Muslim brothers and sisters.


If we zoom out and look at the national landscape, the news does not get better. There is a hateful political discourse against our Latino brothers and sisters. Chants of “build that wall” do not make me feel included in this country, which remains a rich tapestry of immigrants and communities of color. Images of black men with their hands raised still being killed by law enforcement does not make me feel safe, for myself, nor for my nephews, who are growing up in this country and whose experiences I want to protect.In these moments where I find myself feeling heavy and powerless, I choose to turn off the airwaves, full of talking pundits with ever-divisive discourse, ever-changing colors of the states from red to blue and back again on the U.S. map, and look instead to my communities of support.

Here at Sakhi, we put a premium on taking care of ourselves so we can be present and better serve our constituents, our community, and the people in our lives. Sakhi exists to end violence against women, and October kicks off “Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” a month we will spend shining light on domestic violence as well as other pressing issues –Islamophobia, the over-policing of communities of color, homophobia, and the misogyny of the political debates. We believe that to end violence in the home and create a society of inclusivity and gender equity, we have to look at the context in which violence occurs. All these issues are interconnected. At Sakhi we pride ourselves on our holistic model of care.

So what now? I invite you to learn more about the issues that matter to you and vote accordingly this coming November. I invite you to follow our Twitter & Facebook to learn more about our work and ourallies’ work. I invite you to join us next Tuesday in Brooklyn to hear stories around gender identity, sexuality, and body integrity. This is our collective first step in building community and drawing strength from each other. In a time where divisiveness seems like the easiest answer, where our days are filled with hateful messages and distressing news that spreads rapidly across every existing media outlet, I hope that our community can find a way to show the nation that positivity and support endure.

Hope to see you there!

In peace,

Shalini Somayaji, Executive Director

Sakhi for South Asian Women

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